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Mold wiki – All About Mold

Mold Inspection Sciences recently released its first wiki.  This will allow us to share valuable information with our clients and all folks on the Internet!

One of the most important sections of the wiki is our section about Mold and your health.  In this section, you can read published, current, peer reviewed documents related to mold and your health; including the various impacts of water damaged buildings to occupants.  I speak to a lot of people that ask me about the symptoms of mold exposure.  The documents posted on this section of our wiki answer that question in great detail.

We also have a section that allows potential clients to download our sample reports.  This way, our potential clients can see exactly what they receive when they engage our company.

Also of interest are some various links to some good resources about mold; including the definitive source for mold information and resources — Planet Mold.

We hope you enjoy our wiki!

Michael Bains

by Michael Bains, President, Mold Inspection Sciences


January 23, 2011 at 11:09 pm 4 comments

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