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Allergen Testing

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Do you know the allergen levels inside your home? If you’ve been diagnosed with allergies you may have an increased sensitivity to certain allergens.

Knowing what levels of allergens that are present inside your home is the first step in determining if you are being exposed to allergens that may be causing adverse physical conditions.  Minimizing your exposure to the allergens that affect you is a crucial step towards controlling your symptoms.

It may be impossible to completely eliminate all of the allergens in your home, but even reducing them can lead to a significant decrease in symptoms, less need for medication and improved indoor air quality.

What can be done if you are allergic to something in your home?

  • We can test your home for many different allergens
  • The most common test we perform for allergens is the ‘Allergen Screen’ or ELISA (Quantitative Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay)
  • The Allergen Screen will determine if significant levels of some of the most common allergens are found in your indoor environment.
  • If allergen levels are found to be elevated, we will provide recommendations on ways to reduce the allergens in your home.

Our Allergy Tests – The Details

The “Allergen Screen” will test for the following four most common allergens: Dog, Cat, Cockroach, and Dust Mites.  Keep in mind that often times, you cannot see these allergens with the naked eye.  In fact, the allergens are microscopic and can easily float in the air.  Some allergens, such as dog and cat dander, are sticky and commonly cling to walls, furniture, flooring, and personal belongings, making them difficult to remove.  If you live in a home or an apartment that was previously occupied, there could be high allergen levels due to the previous occupant’s pets.  Allergen testing may be the first step to improve your indoor environment and overall quality of life.

Would you like to view a sample allergen report?  Sample ELISA Allergy Report

Are you interested in learning more about these allergens?

Craig Cooper

by Craig Cooper, Mold Inspection Sciences


February 16, 2012 at 4:10 pm

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