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In the News: Denver Residents Turn to
Mold Inspection Sciences For Help
Identifying a Suspected Mold Issue


MIS on FOX31 Problem Solvers


We’re pleased to share this mold awareness interview from Mold Inspection Sciences COO Brandon Apple and Fox 31 News in Denver. It may seem like spring is the time for potential mold problems to die down. But unfortunately, that’s not always the case. With the right conditions mold can quickly sprout within your walls or beneath your baseboards at any time of year.


The longer you’re around it the more dangerous it becomes.

MIS Brandon Apple

Denver resident, Olivia Velasquez, called on the Fox 31 News Problem Solvers for help after noticing something that resembled black mold growing on the walls of her family’s home. After developing some distressing symptoms, Velasquez became concerned about the other members of her family.

MIS Moisture Inspection


To find out what was really happening, FOX 31 got in touch with Brandon and the Mold Inspection Sciences team to inspect the Velasquez home and help determine if Olivia's fear of mold could be confirmed.


MIS Mold Inspection


The crew conducted a thorough inspection of the Velasquez household, finding evidence of mold like growth and areas affected by moisture that caused the mold to spread to other places in the home.


MIS Exterior Inspection


Aside from physical mold in front of our face, we found multiple moisture issues (that) if not currently creating mold will inevitably create more mold.

Where to Look and What Questions to Ask

Download our infographic Buying a New Home? Here’s How to Check for Mold Before It’s Too Late to help you understand where to look and what questions to ask when doing a property walk through.

Sometimes mold can be visible and odorous, while other times, it can grow undetected inside the walls, under the floors, in the ceiling, or in places like your basement or attic. Mold thrives in moist, damp areas and building materials such as paneling, wallboard, carpet, paint, ceiling tiles, etc. In addition to being unsightly and unpleasant on the nose, Brandon shares that mold can quickly become a health hazard and stresses the importance of making sure that you and your loved ones are breathing clean air.


FOX31 Problem Solvers

We’re in that environment many hours a day, and we need to be breathing clean air and not exposed to contaminants.


Colorado law states that all renters have the right to a clean, safe environment. If you are a resident of the state and feel as though you are living in unsafe conditions that could directly impact your health, get in touch with your landlord, file a formal complaint, and don’t forget to always follow up.


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